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Domain Services

In addition to domain registration, we provide the following domain related services:

URL Forwarding

URL forwarding lets you create servers (or sub-domains) for your domain name, and point them to your existing website. For example, if you registered the domain name mycompany.com, you could create the servers www.mycompany.com and shopping.mycompany.com and point them to another URL - say, one hosted with your ISP - or even a free hosting service such as geocities.

The advantage of this, is that you can get rid of your long URL address, such as:
and replace it with your own brand eg., http://www.mycompany.com URL forwarding can also offer significant savings over traditional domain hosting. With our unique URL management facility, you can create up to five servers and forward each of them to a different URL. The URL forwarding features are accessible from the domain management area (select "Manage Domain" in the main menu, left).

DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting is perfect for any domain owner who wants complete control of their domain. Our fully automated DNS Hosting service allows you to control your dns records through our already existing domain management area.

Using this service you can update / insert / delete Domain Servers (A Records), Domain Aliases (CNAME Records) and Mail Servers (MX Records) of your own accord. DNS Hosting is an extremely valuable tool, and we urge you to take advantage of it.

Email Forwarding

Our fully automated email forwarding system lets you control your email by allowing you to select what mailbox email sent to any of your domains ends up in. It is the most cost effective way to have email facilities added to your domain, and also the simplest. Just specify your current email address with your ISP as the destination mailbox and without you having to make any changes to your email software, our server will direct all email coming to your new domain direct to your desktop.

The default email forwarding pack comes with 5 aliases that you can assign to mailboxes. The 'single' pack collects all email at your domain and sends it to just one mailbox you specify, but is only available with id.au domains.

Email Forwarding can be used with any domain and costs just 69 per year.

Anti Spam

Our highly effective SPAM filtering frees up your mail box for important personal or business mail. This saves time, money and frustration from dealing with the endless stream of junk that floods your mail box. Through our domain management interface you designate which email addresses are filtered and where to send the junk mail. The DC Web Hosting SPAM filter success rate for identifying junk is around 90-99% which is staggeringly good.

The benefits flowing from SPAM filter can not be overrated. During testing one satisfied customer said SPAM filtering "lifted a weight from their shoulders" everytime they read their email.

Anti Virus

Viruses are not only annoying, they are also dangerous and could cost your business big dollars in lost documents, lost time, lost productivity, lost intelectual productivity and the drama of disinfecting your computer. Through our domain 'manage' interface in the top bar you can activate virus filtering on specified addresses.

Our server is updated every half hour with the latest virus definitions so you can stay one step ahead of trouble. If you dont already have Virus filtering, NOW is the time to act!

Web Hosting

Sometimes, you need something more than a URL forwarding service. For example, you might want secure server access, or maybe you have a high traffic site and need a more reliable service. You might need an email solution for your domain - that only hosting can provide. Perhaps you want to provide WAP services, or simply want greater control over your site (which is one of the major benefits of domain hosting). Whatever the reason, DC Web Hosting can provide you with a complete range of domain hosting services, tailor-made to suit your needs. For a more detailed description of hosting packages and prices involved, please click here.

Free Domain Management Interface

When you register a domain through DC Web Hosting - you retain complete control over it through our domain management interface. Through this interface, you can change personal details, owner details, URL forwarding/parking - and can do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Web Design

If you're just starting out, we can design everything for you. Let us solve all your promotional needs from logo design to the design of a website, multimedia and supporting print material. Whether you want a simple website, or one with a secure server, and content management system, we can help. We can even arrange merchant services if you want to accept credit cards online in real time. click here to learn more.